Calle la Esperanza, Potrerillos Arriba

Today, over 3.2 billion people are unreached with the Gospel. That is 42% of the worlds population.

They come from over 7000 people groups with no indigenous community of believing Christians able to evangelize the rest of the people group.
Our mission:
“We are called to model and multiply the Kingdom of God in order to transform lives, peoples and nations!”



As a family of Jesus followers, we will model God’s Kingdom in our leadership, relationships, ministries, training programs, business operations, corporate spirituality, art and proclamation through media.


We will multiply Kingdom oriented development, & discipleship in every sphere of society


Through our example, our acts of compassion, and our multi-faceted proclamation of the Gospel, we will endeavor to be God’s agents of transformation to individuals and communities, people groups and the nations.