Going deep into the Word of God
is time well spent and a life investment that will bear much fruit. Discover the life giving treasures of God’s word.
Do the DBS!

Do you find yourself hungering for more of God’s presence, His Word and greater transformation in your life? Or maybe when you engage with others concerning your faith you feel unprepared. If this true, then the Discipleship Bible School (DBS) is for you!

In the DBS, you will go on a journey with God through the entire Bible. You will not just get head knowledge, but will be discipled by His Word. In this 12-week Bible school, you will be given an overview of “God’s story” and will discover the purposes of God in it. You will be able to share your faith more confidently with those who are seeking and explain the Word of God more accurately to those who’ve already come to faith.

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