“We invite you to come join us in Panama. There is a place for you!”

Our YWAM base is located in the small town of Potrerillos Arriba in the province of Chiriqui on the south-western border of Panama, next to Costa Rica. Chiriqui is famous for its mountains, volcano, trout filled rivers, cloud forests, beaches, its black fertile earth and world class coffee. This is a perfect setting to dig into God’s Word, get to know Him better and prepare your heart to be His envoy to the nations.

Panama is a beautiful land with many beaches, mountains and rivers. Due to the famous Panama Canal, a 50 mile water way that links the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Panama’s national slogan is, “Bridge of the World… Heart of the Universe.”

 Spanish is the main language spoken but this Latin American country is actually a melting pot of diverse ethnic groups, with people of Indigenous, Latin, Caribbean, Asian, African, East Indian, North American and European descent and that makes Panama a unique place to do missions. If you want to minister to Muslims, you can do it in Panama. If you feel a call to the Chinese, they make up 14% of the population.