Make God’s missional call on your life more than just a vision.
¡Make it a reality with the SOSM!

After you complete the FMDTS your passion and zeal for the fulfillment of the Great Commission will increase. We invite you to consider the next step of your missionary journey and take the School of Strategic Missions (SOSM). This 3 month course will truly give you a global perspective of the task at hand.

The SOSM is a course designed for students to develop perspective, strategies, and a deeper understanding of how to reach the unreached world. We need the Whole Church to bring the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.

SOSM participants will be challenged to think bigger about the nature of the Church, the Gospel, and the world.  Graduates of the SOSM will be able to integrate Church Planting and Disciple-Making into any vocation in any location. In the SOSM, relevant Speakers teach a variety of topics with a Biblical worldview in effort to help make you an effective worker in the mission field.

By developing an attitude of being a life-long learner, you will learn to understand and reach the nations by thinking critically and creatively through the course content like community transformation and development, Biblical worldview, pioneering, church planting, mobilization, and more. The course is creating a transformational missions culture in each student as we experience and learn in this course.

Following your training you have the option to take 2 month outreach or an extended field assignment internship in in the geographical or societal sphere of your choice. 

2020 Date:
sept. 18 – dec. 11